High Quality Video And Stills For Your Property

Do you have a quality property to market – whether for sale or for rental?

We can help you with high quality professional video and stills, and even help to dress the property if


Typical combined photo and video shoots cost from £750 per property for up to 5 bedrooms and 2

reception rooms plus kitchen and bathrooms.

Dressing such a property (if required) starts at £150 per property, and we can also supply interior

design items such as wall hangings, lamps, plants to leave in the property after the shoot to improve

the look of your property. Prices on request.

Turnaround is typically 48 hours for stills and a week for video, but can be negotiated. Your own

branding and style can be added to any video, and we can supply a voiceover on request if you prefer

– either done by you, your agent, or one of our team of freelancers.

Here’s a sample video – the house was dressed and shot in less than a day. The brief was for a

relaxed but funky style to appeal to discerning students.

If you’d like to discuss having professional video and or stills of your property, please drop me a line

via my contact page, thank you.

Here’s a small selection of the stills.

Please drop us a line if you need property video or property photography in Warwickshire,

Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, throughout the West Midlands or the Cotswolds.