Video is so powerful because it contains the essence of human storytelling, it’s visual and aural.

From a biological perspective, we have evolved to take notice of movement in our environment.

So moving images capture people’s attention on websites and social media, and make them pause.

Using video stops people scrolling – then you have their attention.

My specialism is creating, warm, engaging videos that help your audience connect with you.

I’ll be sharing a series of specific ways you can use video in the next few weeks, here’s the first:

The Power of Testimonials and Case Studies for Your Business

To get more sales you need more people to know, like and trust you and what you do.

And we all know that word of mouth is the usually best form of marketing.

One way you can utilise this is to get your current customers to give you testimonials, or allow you to do a case study.

These can be very powerful for marketing your business, as I explain in the video.

The first part of the video is taken from an online course I’m developing about how to use video for your business. (Let me know if you’d be interested in this.)

The second part of the video shows a few examples of testimonials and case studies I’ve done recently, to show how widely it can be used and how varied the projects can be.

If you’d like to talk about how you can use video testimonials and case studies, just book a chat with me.

Why videos improve your website’s SEO, and make your website easier to find.

Putting videos on your website helps you connect to your audience in several different ways.

The first is that it makes your website more diverse and content rich.

The second is that different people like to consume information in different ways, some like to read, some like to watch and listen. So having videos connects to more people than just having text and pictures.

And thirdly, having video on your website makes it more likely to be found by people searching, because relevant videos help your search engine optimisation, or SEO.

I explain more in this short video.

If you’d like to use video better on your website then drop me a line right now to arrange a Zoom call.

Video Project Examples

Here are a few examples of videos I’ve produced – drop me a line if you like any of them in particular and you’d like to talk about making a video or a series of videos for you.

The Artisan Milliner

This short film tells the story of Louise Pocock, who makes the most stylish hats imaginable, all by hand.

The Artisan Milliner from Charles Budd on Vimeo.

That’s what video can do. It can tell a story to your potential customers far more effectively than photos and text.

The Artisan Letterpress Printer

Video can help you to tell an emotional story – it doesn’t just have to be ‘buy my stuff’.  

The Artisan Letterpress Printer from Charles Budd on Vimeo.

Here’s David Lewis, who had to leave the military after breaking his back, and has now become a superb artisan letterpress printer:

More and more businesses are using video now. If you’re not, you risk getting left behind. Give yourself a chance to stand out – just book a chat with me.

Matt Bate music video for ‘Life’ single

I was asked by local musician Matt Bate to shoot some extra footage and edit the video for his new single ‘Life’. To date, it’s been his most popular video with double the views of any other.

Hannah Argyle – Photographer and Instagram Sensation

And short videos are great for telling stories, especially on social media. Here’s a commercial Instagram video I edited for the brilliant photographer and Instagram influencer Hannah Argyle:

Sew Me Something at the Shakespeare Hospice Fashion Show

I was asked to film the Shakespeare Hospice Fashion Show, and produced this short, subtitled segment for local business Sew Me Something.

Sew Me Something at the Shakespeare Hospice Fashion Show from Charlie Budd on Vimeo.

Discover, Gather Give – Arts Fair

I was due to film this brilliantly diverse arts event, but was recuperating in hospital from a broken back. Fortunately my good friend, local photographer Sally Crane, shot some footage for me to edit once I was back home.

DIscover: Gather: Give: from Charlie Budd on Vimeo.

Now it’s your turn

People are watching videos more than ever, now that wifi is so widespread and most areas have good enough 4G to stream video content. And 5G is on its way.

Quite simply, video is is often the best way to get information, brand and emotion across to your audience.

Get noticed, get watched, and get more people into your sales pipeline.

If you’d like to discuss using video in your business, whether it’s for your website or social media, Contact Me.

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