“The quality of your photos reflects the quality of your business”

Most people own at least one camera these days, usually in their smartphone. And you can get good photos with a smartphone, if you know what you’re doing, or you’re lucky.

But smartphones have limitations, some of them are terrible at taking portraits, for example.

But’s not just about having a decent camera, it’s knowing about composition, lighting, posing, accurate colour reproduction, editing techniques…

I can do headshots for brochures, social media and websites, beautiful product photography and event photography.

A pro will know how to get good results in any situation.

Head shots

I love taking warm, engaging headshots.

To me it’s all about telling a little bit of your story.

To that end, despite having a studio, I find a lot of studio shots can be rather bland, and I far prefer taking shots in an environment which tell a bit more about your story – whether it’s a workplace, or outdoors, or we make up a nice-looking office-type set in the studio.

I predominantly use natural light, often with a reflector, and just a light, almost feathery touch of flash to bring the subject forward. But I can use studio lights if preferred.

The Roaming Schoolhouse – Paris

It was just about to rain and I needed to get headshots of six teachers from The Roaming Schoolhouse  just after their weekly meeting.

The meeting room was dark, and I wanted some natural light and a neutral background.

Luckily, it was an old part of Paris, and there was a building with a lovely stone wall just around the corner.

Two minutes for a group shot, and a couple of minutes each for each teacher before the heavens opened.

But even though I had less time than I’d ideally like, I think I captured the warmth and personality of each teacher.

Headshots of teachers for The Roaming Schoolhouse in Paris

Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants

I was recommended to Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants for a rebrand, and as soon as I looked the company up online, I thought ‘this is a great fit’.

Once I’d met the team, and spent a couple of hours with them getting a variety of head shots and team shots, I knew my gut feeling had been right.

You can just tell when people get on really well together, respect each other, and really, really care about the work they’re doing.

Do look them up online – the growth of the company shows that they’re brilliant at what they do, and I particularly like the descriptions of individual team members.

Both Pete, the boss, and I agreed very quickly on the kind of shots they needed, and we headed to a local nature reserve to get them.

Warm, natural headshots from Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants

Event Photography

I love event photography. Capturing those moments that really define a live event. Whether it’s a conference, talk, music gig, networking meeting, it’s the natural snippets, unposed, that really tell the story.

Many of my clients get me back year, after year to update their event photographs. It allows for continuity, trust in the final product, and an ongoing warm, friendly relationship that makes the whole process easy and even fun.

Leamington Business Show 2018

I had limited time as I had meetings that day, but just wanted to capture a flavour of the event – some of the stand holders – both businesses and charities – the whole room in the magnificent Leamington Town Hall, and at least one of the speakers.

Do read the short blog I wrote about the show for more details.

Leamington Business Show 2018 – brilliant for business networking

The Good Life Experience 2017

I’ve done a fair bit of music photography over the years, mainly for online magazines or festivals, but The Good Life Experience was my favourite event ever – I’ve photographed it for several years.

It’s a relatively small festival, held in the grounds of Hawarden Castle in North Wales. It’s got a very warm and friendly atmosphere, and focuses on reconnecting with what’s important in life – it’s not just about drinking and music, which some festivals are.

I was tasked to capture a variety of performers and events at the Festival, this is just a very small selection.

This is my kind of festival – talks, poetry, cooking, music of all types, and last year even the magnificent Michael Rosen.

Creative Warwickshire 2018

I was lucky to attend the Creative Springboard Course as part of the Creative Warwickshire group, set up by the Coventry and Warwickshire Reinvestment Trust.

The Group was a fantastic mix of creative businesses, and we got along like a house on fire,  and many of us are now collaborating on projects.

On the final day, we had a panel discussion with inspiring local business people, and I photographed the event.

When you meet other people who love what they do, and are willing to share their experience and expertise, that’s when not only working relationships but also friendships are formed.

Creative Springboard Panel Day with a group of talented, funny, warm and supportive creative business people

Product Shots

I can take lifestyle or seamless white background shots, to shoot your business and the product in


Then I’ll edit them to make your products pop, and catch the eye of your customers, whether it’s for

web or print use.

Food Photography

Who doesn’t like a fresh scone with clotted cream and jam, or a delicious and perfect little cupcake.

Whether it’s for your restaurant, your event or a book, I’ll make it look (almost) as good as it tastes.

Many restaurants have terrible photos of their food, don’t be one of those, get delicious photographs.

Fashion and Garment Photography

As my wife, Jules Fallon, is a fashion designer, and owner of the award-winning pattern design and workshop business Sew Me Something, I’ve done a lot of garment photography.

Clothes always look best on people, and you can choose the look and feel of a shot by the location, props, model, lighting and expression.

Here are a range of modern garments, photographed in different locations, outdoors, indoors and half way in between!

Some of the dressmaking patterns designed by Jules Fallon of Sew Me Something: The Portia Trousers and Peaseblossom Top, The Imogen Top and the Bianca Blanket Coat, and the Rosalind Pyjamas.

Photography and Video Together

You can book me for a straight photoshoot, and prices start at £200 for up to two hours on site. The

price will always include editing and retouching images for web and print.

Or you can book me for a combined video and photo shoot, which is cheaper than commissioning a

video and photo shoot separately and saves you time and effort.

Combined packages start at £400 for up to two hours on site, a single short video and a set

of images for web and print.

See my Commercial Video page for more information about how video can help your business.

“If you want your business to look professional, hire a professional photographer.”

If you have any questions, contact me.

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