Stratford Business Forum ‘Big Breakfast’ at the gorgeous Billesley Manor Hotel

What a venue for an early breakfast, even the weather played ball with a glorious June morning. Gallons of fresh coffee and a good cooked breakfast gave the 60 attendees a good kick start. And I got a nice surprise as a charity video I’d made with film maker Ben Atkinson got played too! More … Read more

Bowls Business Networking

Bowls Networking Leamington by Charlie Budd The Tall Photographer-26

Sometimes someone comes up with an idea that seems so left-field, but it’s so well thought out, it just works – and bowls business networking is just that.

Bowls Networking Leamington by Charlie Budd The Tall Photographer-26
Craig Saxton and Kelly Ann Grimes enjoying some light-hearted competitiveness at Bowls Business Networking Leamington.

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Impressionist Flower Photography

Impressionist Photography of Flowers - Confetti Fields Heart of the Ballet by Charlie Budd The Tall Photographer

As I’ve become older, and beardier, I’ve become more entranced by the potential of impressionist flower photography. Maybe it’s because I’m starting to look like Monet. A Visit to the Confetti Fields On a recent excursion to the remarkable confetti flower fields with my friend, the photographer Charlotte Doran Davies, my love for blurring reality … Read more