2019 Calendar Extras

If you have one of my 2019 calendars of Seasonal Delights, you can get some extra goodies as well, for free!

On the first of every month, I’m sending out an email with good things to look forward to that month.

There’ll be things to do, what’s in season, a recipe featuring the veggie or fruit on the calendar that month, and some stories about the five remarkable women and five remarkable men whose birthdays are celebrated in the calendar that month.

With that email you’ll also get an audio programme, with more good things in it. It’ll be specially recorded, just for people who own one of my calendars.

All you have to do is subscribe below. You won’t get any other emails from me, just the lovely, warm, delightful monthly calendar email, with its juicy and delicious audio surprise.

Subscribe to delightful monthly emails and an audio surprise as an extra to your 2019 Seasonal Delights Calendar

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Please note, signing up to my monthly Seasonal Delights email means just that. I promise not to sell your details to nefarious organisations or despicable people, or indeed use your contact information to send you anything but that monthly email. This makes me not only GDPR compliant, but also rather a decent sort really.

If you’d also like to sign up for my Five Good Things weekly email, which has five good things in it, then you can do so here.