Do you want to meet people who are on Instagram?

Charlie Budd and Instagram Logo Original Photo by Sally Crane
I have no idea what this photo signifies except silliness and Instagram – two things I’m rather fond of. (Photo by Sally Crane, silliness by me.)

We seem to inhabit different worlds these days, the tactile, scent-laden, visceral ‘real’ world and the electronic, glass-enclosed, remote ‘virtual’ world.

Only that’s not really true, of course, because they both interweave and blend into each other.

And this is especially true when we get the chance to mobilise our sedentary arses, get out of wherever we live and work, and actually meet, face to face.

I did that yesterday, and it was fantastic. More on that later.

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Stop Motion Animation Coffee Cups

Sometimes you just have an urge to make a little stop motion film about belligerent, colourful coffee cups.

Don’t you?

I’ve had a little play with stop motion on my iPhone once or twice over the past year or so. But it was a challenge on Instagram from one of my favourite film makers, Xanthe Berkeley that finally spurred me on to make a ‘proper’ little stop frame sequence.

Xanthe was doing a promotion with the marketing agency Whalar, and Workshop Coffee. And the challenge was to tell a little story about coffee on Instagram.

Xanthe created this fabulously fun, and characteristically colourful stop frame animation to inspire people.

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I’m organising a meet up of Instagrammers in Stratford upon Avon on 26th of June.

It will involve cake.

The Instacake Instagram Meet Up in Stratford upon Avon at Boston Tea Party by Charlie Budd The Tall Photographer Cake Coffee Cafe-7

It started with a conversation on Twitter, as it often does.

It went something like:

“We should organise an Instagram meet up in the Midlands.”

“Yes, with cake!”

“Why don’t we call it Instacake?”

“Okay, I’ll organise it.”

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The Leamington Business Show 2018

I didn’t expect to see so many people I knew at the Leamington Business Show 2018 – I could have chatted half the day, catching up.

Dave Guice of AES Graphics at his stand at the Leamington Business Show 2018
Great to catch up with Dave of AES Signs and Graphics whom I’d not seen for years.

It’s organised by the Leamington Business Forum, headed by Jonathan Smith, who owns and runs Business Forums Ltd.

The Show is a business to business (B2B) Expo showcasing the businesses of the region and the services and products they offer to other businesses.

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