Botanical and Impressionist Photography

I’ve been taking photographs since 1980, when I got a tiny box camera and one film cartridge for my birthday.

Once I got that film developed, I was in love.

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But if you want to know some of my story, read the rest of this page.

My purpose in taking a photograph, apart from the pure pleasure it gives me, is to get an emotional reaction from the viewer. What will someone feel when they see the image?

I tend to try to photograph how I feel when I see something, and I try to convey that feeling.

When I look up at the canopy in the woodland, I see and feel a swirling blend of colour and tone. 
When I discover a tiny mushroom, I see a beautiful and elegant piece of natural architecture, stretching up from a bed of leaves.
A simple bramble flower is an elegant mini rose, floating in the gloaming of the dusk


After a lot of thought and testing, I now have my art photographs printed at The Printspace in London. They print using the Giclee precision inkjet process using very long-lived archival inks, on superb paper stocks.

I’ve chosen the gorgeous Hahnemuhle Etching paper for all my prints. It really soaks up ink and allows for superb colour depth. It has a medium texture, almost like a watercolour paper, which gives the prints a painterly quality.

I’m gradually expanding my collection of prints for sale, and have built a mini-art website here.

I check, sign and number every single print, and then send it on to you, with a short story about that photograph.

Please note that prints generally look darker and more saturated when printed, compared to viewed on a screen. And colours can vary between whatever screen you’re seeing them on, and when printed.

Also note that when mounting and framing a print, you’ll lose a few millimetres of the image on each edge, under the mount. I’ve specifically cropped each photograph to make this work.

All the prints on offer are available at a standard size of 12×16 inches (the size I print for my exhibitions). I find that once framed, they create a good-sized piece for most homes. Please note, they are unmounted, and I’d recommend getting them professionally mounted and framed using acid free mount board, backing and tapes – this is how I frame my own prints for exhibitions – to conservation standards.

You can also order all of them at 18×24 inches, which makes for a spectacular print – two feet by one and a half feet.  When framed generously, this makes for quite a statement piece for a large room or an office.

I occasionally have greetings cards for sale too. They usually go like hotcakes at my exhibitions.