About… 6’4”

My name is Charlie Budd, The Tall Photographer.

I’m About 6’4″, before you ask.

I’m also about Stratford upon Avon quite frequently. I live there with my wife Jules (who owns Sew Me Something) as well as two teenagers, two cats who own the teenagers, and four chickens who own the cats.

After a degree in environmental science and a masters degree in science and technology policy I worked in local government doing environmental education and social participation for a number of years.

I’ve also worked as a humanitarian worker and wildlife conservationist in the UK, Nepal and South Africa – spending over 5 years in total working overseas.

I’ve been a professional decorator, care worker, kitchen porter, and sofa bed assembler in my time.

But throughout my various jobs and careers, image making – both stills and video – has been something I’ve returned to again and again. And I’m delighted beyond compare that I now do it professionally, full time.

Commercial Video

I shoot and edit short films for businesses. Making short videos for your website is simply the best way, aside from turning to a life of crime, of getting people to notice you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own or work for, there will be a story to tell your customers. I’ll help you find that story and tell it in a way that potential customers will want to know more. My video page is here.

Commercial Photography

I love telling stories with photographs – both single images and collections of images on a website, brochure, magazine or book. That brings a whole panoply of skills to bear – from framing, focus choice, foreground and background choices, angles, styles, editing techniques, image progression, models, garments, props… it can go on and on. The trick is to choose what works for you, your business and your customers.  My commercial photography page is here.

Bespoke Packages

I build bespoke packages which can range from one short video for a single social media channel, to a whole series of films for website, YouTube and all your social media channels. I can also include distinctive commercial photography for web or print. Packages start at £300 for one short video on one social media channel, from £200 for a single photography shoot and from £400 for a combined video and photo shoot in a single session. Contact me about your needs.

Social Media Advice

If you need advice on social media strategies, including how to create engaging video, photo and written content, I can include that in the video production package. I can also offer this service as a stand alone package.

If you need a quick tip, social media is all about being social. It’s about talking WITH people, not AT people.

Art Photography

I take art photographs, both for pleasure and for sale. I have a collection of limited edition prints for sale – mostly botanical or abstract/impressionist photography. I also have packs of fine art greetings cards available to buy online.  Find out more on my art photography page here.

Contact Me

The best ways to contact me are all on here.


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