Happy High Performance

Do watch this brilliant video by Will and Oli from Firewood Pictures. It gives a flavour of the upcoming Happy High Performance learning day for businesses who want to stretch, embrace new ways of thinking, of collaborating, and of looking to the future. 

The video even contains a clip of my beardy face, at the last Creative Cakestorm. 


An Outsider Comes In With Cake

In some ways I’m a bit of an outsider in this learning event. I’m not an experienced coach or trainer – like the 16 brilliant people who are presenting and guiding the mezze of interactive seminars at the first ever Happy High Performance day in Warwickshire. 

But I do have one thing in common with them, and it makes me a good fit – I love to get people to connect, to collaborate, and to help each other improve themselves and their business. 

That’s why I set up the Creative Cakestorm group and events earlier this year. 10 – 15 creatives and freelancers get around a table at Brave Co-work with coffee and cake, and brainstorm ideas that can help each other – anything from how to manage feedback (practically and emotionally) to the importance of having passion projects (which we’ll be talking about on the 20th of September.

And that’s one of the main reasons I’m involved in the Happy High Performance event. The format of the Cakestorm is the perfect way to round up the day – getting groups of attendees around tables, with oodles of coffee and cake, brainstorming what they’ve got out of the day, and coming up with ideas to help their own businesses and help each other.

It’s collaborative. 

It’s challenging the normal ‘rules’ of business. 

It’s imaginative. 

It’s progressive.

It’s cake. 

If you want to find out more, go to the website: Happy High Performance

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