Video producer, photographer, writer & social media consultant

I write, shoot and edit videos and photographs for both businesses and for art.


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If you need to connect with people using photographs or video then I can help.

I’m always asking:

‘How will other people see this?’

‘How might it make them feel?’

‘How might it make them think?’

‘How might it make them act?’

‘How can I create more connection, more warmth?’

If this is what you want, then read on, look at what I do, and what I might do for you.


Charlie Budd

The Tall Photographer


Commercial Photography

My commercial photography is all about helping to tell a story for your business, whatever business you’re in.

I can capture the professionalism and warmth of you and your staff in a head shot, the fizz and energy of any event you’re putting on,  and I can photograph your products, whatever they are.

Click here to go to my commercial photography page.

Fashion Clothing Garment Photography by Charlie Budd The Tall Photographer For Sew Me Something Portia Imogen Rosalind Bianca Peaseblossom
Some of the dressmaking patterns designed by Jules Fallon of Sew Me Something: The Portia Trousers and Peaseblossom Top, The Imogen Top and the Bianca Blanket Coat, and the Rosalind Pyjamas.

Art Photography

My art photography is mainly focused on my love for the outdoors and nature. I was trained as an environmental scientist and worked in both environmental education and practical wildlife conservation for a number of years.

Click here to go to my art photography page.

Blue Hydrangeas with dark bokeh shallow depth of field photograhed by Charlie Budd The Tall Photographer
Blue Hydrangeas photographed on a whim in Bournemouth, on my way to do a time-lapse video of the ocean.

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Commercial Video Production

Video is so powerful, because it contains the essence of human storytelling, it’s visual and aural.

My specialism is creating, warm, engaging videos that help your audience connect with you and what you do.

Here are some examples:

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About… 6’4”

My name is Charlie Budd, The Tall Photographer.

I’m About 6’4″, before you ask.

I’m also about Stratford upon Avon quite frequently. I live there with my wife Jules (who owns Sew Me Something) as well as two teenagers, two cats who own the teenagers, and four chickens who own the cats. Continue reading “About… 6’4””

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